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Tip #5 – Don’t Trust Your Feelings!

“I’ve been listening to my gut since I was 14 years old, and frankly speaking, I’ve come to the conclusion that my guts have shit for brains.” – John Cusack (High Fidelity)

Over the last few weeks since we began our blog the most frequent comment I’ve heard on my posts is this – “He’s pretty hardcore!” (Maybe its adding FUCK! to all the title posts?) To the average person or the person who has only seen the ‘fattie’ side of the Former Fattie Coin, yes I probably am. There’s one reason for that, and I know its unpopular and I also know it to be an undisputable truth. I’ve kept my fat off, and steadily improved my health and physique into my forties. More importantly I’ve helped hundreds others do the same (most of them women). It is based on those 15 years of experience and practice I know this to be true.

You cannot ‘Wing it!’

I also know this pisses a lot of people off because that’s exactly what they’re currently doing and none of us like to hear we’re doing something wrong (‘It makes me feel bad about myself.’ Really? Grow up.)

Over the last 15 years I’ve had a lot of people tell me what they’re currently doing (often without me asking; this mostly happens because we all like to hear we’re doing the right thing, especially when we’re unsure ourselves). This is the ‘common story’ I hear: “I get to the gym whenever I can, I eat pretty healthy, I’m pretty active, I feel I’m doing pretty good.” These statement are usually followed by a range of questions about what I do, then once their eyes glaze over they begin asking how they can look like their favorite celebrity.

I’m all about revealing whats behind the magic curtain, if you want that body you’ve always known is hiding under your current body, you need to know all the facts to get to it. Those rose-coloured glasses must come off! A lot of people do food logs to keep track, but after a while, like workout journals, they become a mountain of numbers with no meaning, you tend to count trees and lose the forest. Here’s the first and dare I say, the easiest step to see how healthy and fit you really are. All you need is your iPhone or digital camera.

Your going to turn your food log into photos. Every time you eat something, take a picture of it first. This includes what you buy at Starbucks – including your drink if it contains calories, the chips you mindlessly nibble on in front of the tv at night, the food you eat in the car on the way to work… Just take a picture of everything for a week (don’t look at these pictures until the end of the week.) You’re going to learn two HUGE lessons that may change your body permanently (with no math to do!).

1. At the end of the week, you will see patterns in your eating. You may snack more often that you think. You may have the same lunch every single day and that boredom leads to an unhealthy meal the following meal. You’ll see whats behind the curtain in you! Once we understand our habits, we understand ourselves and what needs to change.

2. Your nutrition will automatically get dialed in to healthier choices. Believe me it won’t long before you come to that fork in the road. “Oh God, if I want to eat that I have to take a picture of it first! I don’t want to see that picture later.” Not wanting to take pictures of unhealthy food will lead to better choices immediately!

Here’s what’s sad though. This experiment takes a few seconds a day, but few will do it. Because its the opposite of ‘wingin’ it’, instead you have to be accountable to yourself and not go by whatever feeling you fool yourself into believing. I saw this picture on Team Gorilla today and I hope this ‘before & after’ photo makes this tip all the more clear.

That’s what losing just 20 pounds looks like. According to the dates in the pictures it took 5.5 months (22 weeks). You may be thinking “That’s fast!”,  you may also be thinking “I could look like that by June of this year!”

Here’s what I see, based on my own experiences training hundreds of women. (I have no idea who this woman is, seeing this photo just this morning). That is a woman who became accountable. She took that ‘before’ picture and hated every second of it. She made a plan and made NO excuse more powerful than her plan. She had bad days and good days in those 22 weeks – The plan was more important than her feelings – she went to the gym on days she didn’t feel like it, she ate only what helped her get closer to her goal (there was no ‘bad/good/healthy/not too bad’ food) no matter what time of the month it was or what she was going through emotionally. She was accountable the second that January photo was taken.

Let’s go back to the iPhone idea.  She took an unappealing photo of herself and went about working her plan. I’m so sure one week will make a difference you can do this too – take a self-portrait in front of a mirror at the beginning of the week and again at the end and compare the two. That’s the difference a week can make. It may shock you.

If you’re thinking “He’s pretty hardcore!” again, then yes I am, so was the woman in that picture. The real problem is you’re not willing to be  even a little hardcore. All I asked you to do was take a picture of everything you ate for one week- investing a few seconds a day. You may have blown off the idea. If you won’t even take photos of the food you’re eating over a week, you’re finished before you begin. Yes you could look like that woman six months from now, but not if you’re doing what you’re doing now. Become accountable to yourself and stop ‘wingin’ it’. I can’t help you if you won’t help you.


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