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Fat loss info from former fatties

Tip #4: FUCK Your Excuses!

If you’re on your way to becoming a ‘Former-Fattie’ but still not there yet or are about to begin your journey this is the first step. It’s a make or break step, no halfway on this.

Make a choice between the life you want and the excuses you’ve made for not already having it.

If you make ANY excuse good enough, you will fail. Making an excuse for your current situation does just one thing. It creates the illusion that the problem is out of your hands. It wasn’t your doing, it was external factors. If you believe this you will fail at any goal you haven’t reached. Once you take full responsibility for where you and your life are it puts you behind the steering wheel to direct yourself towards the person you’re working on being and the power to become that person.

“I don’t have the genetics” (so what?)

“I’m too busy, I can’t find the time.” (we’re all busy, shut up)

“My kids take up all my time.” (I’ve trained too many parents over the years to accept that)

“I’m under too much stress.” (Isn’t it a good time to do something for yourself?)

“I’m too tired.” (exercise gives you energy, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ doesn’t)

“I’m in a sad place right now.” (Crytown or Whineville? – do they not have a gym?)

If you give any of these excuses more value than your goal, the goal will fail.

Seriously, I get it. We’re all complex people. I swear I’m no different. Sometimes my inner child is on Ritalin, my feminine side has Attention Deficit Disorder and my masculine side has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I can’t walk past a mirror without getting into an argument!

Here’s the real truth though. When I was 297 pounds I had a lot of excuses for being that big. I could give you a slide show of my failures and life skills I didn’t possess and could have made a compelling argument for being a fatass. Except in the deepest recesses of my mind I knew it was all bullshit. That’s the reason I’ve never accepted my clients excuses; I made the same ones. When I stopped making them, things changed.

We love our excuses, we even nickname them ‘reasons’. They sound rational. But they’re rational LIES. Rationalization and excuses are like putting our intellect on crutches. Even if we don’t need them, we’ll get some attention for having them.

Accept the place find yourself in your life today is your own doing, for better or for worse. Only then can you put the hands on the wheel and direct yourself towards the future. Or you can keep your hands off the wheel and blame the world, karma, chaos theory, friends, family, spouses, work, kids, luck and see where that gets you.

One choice to change EVERYTHING: Choose between the person you want to be or the excuses you have for the person you don’t like being. One choice comes at the expense of the other.


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