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Tip #3 – FUCK Resolutions! (part 1)

(When I started writing this a couple of weeks ago I realized this was a series unto itself, hopefully this will serve as a weekly reminder of your goals as the month goes on – W.)

There seem to be two types of people at this time of year. Ones with New Years resolutions and ones who refuse to make them. I take issue with both (try not to be surprised;)

According to most statistics, the average resolution lasts about 10 days, leaving 355 days to wait until next year’s resolution. Resolutions are like vision boards (also not a fan and that will be a post unto itself). The biggest reason I’m not a fan? Both are merely destinations. There is no map or plan on how to reach those destinations. That is why they fail so often.

Here’s an example; If your resolution was to start 2012 by eating better, did you already go grocery shopping? If not, you may be screwed. Most grocery stores aren’t open on New Year’s Day. Its difficult to start a resolution by failing before you start. Getting groceries before Jan 1st was the map, the plan, the road to your destination. So many of us pack our bags for the destination and not at all for the travel.

The second group are the ‘rebels’; they don’t make resolutions at all. As I stated last week, are you truly comfortable with your life being exactly the same one year from now, with the exception of being one year older yourself? Not making resolutions at all is like driving for the next 365 days without steering, leaving 2012 up to random chaos & chance.

Those who make resolutions last about 10 days, and those who don’t get nowhere. Whats the solution? Who knows the true secret?

The goal setters. The goal setters say FUCK Resolutions! Goals setters make plans and get to the destination(s) in a series of steps. Yet very few of us know how to set goals. We often make too many goals, or they conflict with one another and we become overwhelmed and quit and go for drinks with the resolutioners.

I’ll tell you my plan, it works for me, it may work for you or in the very least help give you ideas.

Step 1: Do my own 2011 Annual Review. If I haven’t learned from my own mistakes & missteps, I’m likely to repeat them.

Step 2: There’s 168 hours in a week. I sit down and calculate how much time I have away from work/commuting/weekly responsibilities. Thats how much time I have to work on my goals . This excludes tv watching & other time wasters. No diatribe about the evils of tv, internet, angry birds or whatever – Either your goals or important to you or not. On weekdays I have about 4 non-consecutive hours per day to spend on what I want to spend them on.

Step 3: Make a list of my goals.

I use Zig Ziglar’s ‘Wheel of Life’. For the most part I have a few different goals each year and I divide them up using the wheel. The 2nd part, and most important, is seeing if any of these goals conflict with each other. For example if I decide with my 4 hours of free time I’m going to hit the gym five days a week, do 30 minutes of cardio every day, go back to school and take 3 classes while writing the first draft of my book and doubling my client base, I’m going to run into problems very soon. What I do is prioritize my goals.  This step also gives great insight into ourselves as well. It was the wheel that showed me how often I set aside my social goals for my own financial, physical, career & intellectual goals. Every few months I go over my own wheel, conduct a review and reassess my priorities, looking for unexpected obstacles or faults in the plan. As the year progresses the priority or each goal may change too.

Step 4: Execution. On January 1st, I set aside all my 2011 paperwork, go over my 2011 Annual Review, put up my 2012 Ice-O-Topes Calendar, do my own bodyfat measurements, monthly physique photos and spend the day planning my attack for 2012… after the 9 Km run I had already planned.


Next week: Fuck Resolutions! (part 2)

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