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2011 – The Annual Review

We’re two days away from Christmas and have just nine days left in 2011. How do you you feel about the last 356 days? Was is a good year, a bad one or did it merely slip away?

Since Christmas is so close you likely don’t have a lot of time for blog reading, so lets plant a seed for next week instead (Tip #3 – FUCK Resolutions!)

Chris Guillebeau, author of ‘The Art of Non-Conformity’ has a concept of Annual Reviews. Before you begin to plan and dream of 2012 we must look back to 2011 and review what went right, wrong, or completely off the grid. I love the concept and you can read more about it here

Now, as the cliché goes, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there!” Meaning if you don’t make resolutions fine, if you don’t set goals or plan to captain your own ship for the next 365 days are you truly comfortable with your life being exactly as it is now, except with you being one year older?

Over the next week, do your own Annual Review – Can you even remember your 2011 resolution? Give these questions some thought over the next nine days, they will heavily influence the plans for the next 365.

What went well this year? What didn’t? WHY?

If you could give 2011 a name or theme  2011 would be “The year of the …”?

I highly recommend this exercise as it creates significant clarity and renewed focus going into 2012. This doesn’t have to be a marathon project but do give yourself the full week after Christmas, carry a piece of paper with you and make notes as the come to you. You’ll be amazed how doing so brings this project to ‘Top of Mind’. I’ve been doing it the last week and as a result came up with the new title of my book!

For even more information and concepts click here.

Happy Holidays from the Five Former Fatties!


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