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Fat loss info from former fatties


METAMORPHOSIS: (a) a change of physical form, structure or substance especially by supernatural means. (B): a striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstances. (2): a marked and abrupt change in the form of an animal.

“Things tend to get worse before they get better”. in 1992 this was true in my case. I hadn’t seen any pictures of myself in a few years and when my mom gave me some new picture from a wedding I attended I couldn’t believe it. Denial is pretty strong until it looks you back in the face. I really had no idea I was THAT fat. I was almost 300 pounds. I was 120 lbs. overweight. I hated what I’d become. I figured life had given me a raw deal. I had no special talents of gifts to make life easier. Nothing was going right. I thought life was harder for me than it was for everyone else.

KAIZEN (Ky’ zen) Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy meaning: “constant and everlasting improvement.”

I went for my first run and managed to go one block before almost getting sick, I wanted nothing more than to go back home and give up. I got this idea in my head instead. To this day I don’t know how it came to me or if it was even my idea. The thought was “go one more block. Then go one more block everyday until you can run a marathon.” It was the ‘kaizen’ philosophy; constant and everlasting improvement. Instead of focusing on my body I focused on a goal. It was my first real goal in a long time, perhaps ever. It took three years but I ran the Seattle Marathon in November of 1996. I remember hearing a song at the time and there was a line in it that said; “My life, from this moment, begins again.” I really felt that way when I crossed the finish line. I know that I left my old self on that road somewhere in Seattle. As Ghandi famously said, I realized I had to be the change I wished to see in my life. I also took from the experience that no matter how wild my goals seem at the time, they are always attainable.

Two years later I was a lean, mean 180 pounds and had competed in my first physique contest.

I realized I had previously created my own obstacles and limitations. Yet now I know its not the circumstances of your life that determines the course you take – the decisions that you make do. Now when I look in the mirror, I see not only the physique I’ve always wanted, but I see the man I’ve always wanted to be. The rewards of improving myself through hard work and dedication are so satisfying, that I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way.

Over the years while learning to transform my own physique, I became more and more frustrated at the amount of fraudulent claims by almost everyone in the fitness & diet industry. The hardest part of getting back into shape was wading through the hype while trying to find facts. Everyone seemed to have a gimmick. If I had been presented with truthful information about nutrition and exercise, my physical transformation would have taken a lot less time, perhaps years less. I was lucky that I was born with the stubbornness to continue. Most get frustrated after a few months and give up. After all the work I had put into getting back into shape I wanted to share what I had learned and help warn the public of all the people in the fitness industry that have no interest in your health, but are happy to profit from your failures, and prey on your desperation.

I know this to be true, because I was my first client. I struggled for years to get my health physical and mental health back. I then did the same, free of charge, for several friends, evolving into a small fat loss coaching business. I bring empathy to my clients, for I have walked a mile in their shoes. I have taken great strides in dedicating myself not only to physical well-being but a spiritual awakening that comes from redefining who you are. Designing a foolproof physique transformation program is easy; getting your clients to trust you, and deal with inner demons that previously thwarted their efforts is a far greater challenge. The goal is not a perfect physique, but a new confidence to challenge myself in other aspects of my life, reaping rewards far beyond the gym.

—-Warren Scott Smith has thirteen years of fat loss coaching experience and has written articles for several fitness magazines. He has traveled North America to learn from the world leaders in the fitness & fat loss professions, including Olympic-level coaches. He has studied in the Dietetics & B. Sc. of Psychology programs at the University of British Columbia. He has lost over one hundred pounds of body fat and kept it off for over a decade. More importantly, his client base have lost thousands of pounds and redefined their lives significantly. He resides in Victoria, BC.

Education & Certifications –

1999- 2001 – Camosun College, Victoria BC
2002- 2006 – University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC

CFT – International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Since 1998
National Coaching Certification Program – Technical Weightlifting (2007)
Coaching Association of Canada member (2007)
British Columbia Weightlifting Association member (2007)
CHEK Institute – Swiss Ball Training (1998)
CHEK Institute – Squatalogy (1998)
Kettlebell Fundamentals Workshop (2007)
Occupational First Aid – Level 2 – Since 1996
Dietitians of Canada – Dietetics @ work – 2006
BC Eating Disorders Association – volunteer/speaker (1998-2001)

Other notable athletic achievements –

Seattle Marathon (4:12:16) – 1996
EAS Canadian Physique Transformation Challenge – 1998
West Coast Trail (Pacific Rim National Park) – 2005
Warrior Dash – 2010-11
B.C. Highland Games Competitor – 2011

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