Five Former Fatties

Fat loss info from former fatties


Growing up, I was a “squishy” kid who was fairly active but not (yet) obese. Our family moved when I was 12 and I ballooned in weight; imagine in less than one year reaching puberty, suddenly having to wear glasses, and tipping the scale at 175 lbs. Over the course of junior high and high school, I slowly lost weight and managed to get down to 140 at my lightest. At 5’3” tall and having little muscle tone, I was not the epitome of fitness and health.

After university, I settled into a sedentary career. At one point, I was also a vegetarian who thought I could eat anything I wanted to as long as it wasn’t meat; I was dead wrong.  At the age of 38, I was around 205 lbs and thought I was going to die of a heart attack (to learn more about my eureka moment, read my (now dormant) blog here).

I lost a net weight of 65 lbs over the course of two years (slowly but surely), and at my fittest was 139 lbs and had a body fat percentage around 17%. Not a bad way to turn 40!

In the intervening years, I gained 20 of those pounds back; I didn’t have the emotional tools to deal with some of the stress I was under at home, so my life contracted, I stopped moving my body and was eating more than my body needed. In 2011, I have a handle on my weight again (not a love handle – the numbers are going down again), I’m starting to workout (again), and I’m learning new and healthier ways of coping with life’s stressors. Counseling has helped. I’m excited to be here in this new (hopefully wiser) phase of my life.

What about me that’s not about fitness? I’m an Executive Assistant at a fabulous feminist organization and have worked there in various capacities since 1992. I’m also a quilter, a book worm and I love to play tag with a fun group of people in Vancouver once a month. It’s an odd mix, but odd is a good description of me anyway.

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