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The “Cupcake Cure!”

The hardest & longest battle in transforming your body is between your long-term goal & instant gratification.
If you’re not happy with the current state of your health, instant gratification is winning. We’re addicted to instant gratification, most everything in our lives and the trends of technology are racing to better serve this need.

“Instant gratification takes too long” – Carrie Fisher. Sadly, a lot of people agree with that statement. Worse, they make life choices based on that statement.
Recently a new client reminded me of an excellent way to stop the self-sabatoging behaviour and stop feeding the voracious instant gratification monkey on her back. Its the reality check, wake-up call & slap in the face all in one.
The ‘before’ photo.
When my clients take that before photo in a two-piece bathing suit its a shock to the system. What you see in that photo is NOT what you see in the mirror. Its unfiltered, bluntly honest and unforgiving. This is the negative experience that drives people to change. The key is not forgetting it.
My client had a weakness for Starbucks pastries & sweets. Her solution? She keeps her ‘before’ photo in her wallet. Before she gives in to the immediate need for something sweet, she looks at the photo, gets the negative impact from it and chooses her long-term goal instead. Simple and effective, every time. This would be even easier by keeping the picture in your iPhone or Blackberry!

Another client of mine had a similar weakness for cupcakes. She took the photo & put it in her purse. On a weak day she walked into a bakery and while in line tried to fight the urge. She pulled out the photo and looked at her ‘before’ photo, then looked at the cupcakes. She made a startling discovery. Both her body in the photo and the cupcake were the same shape! She told me when she realized she was turning herself into a giant cupcake she decided this time the change was going to be for real. I’m a firm believer that negative experiences shape our decisions and choices far more than motivation and inspiration ever could. This is what just THREE MONTHS of carrying your ‘before’ photo with you can do!
One more thing my clients have learned over the years? Instant gratification goes straight to your thighs.

Posted March 11th, 2012.

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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

“I don’t want to feel bad about myself”. I’ve heard this argument a lot over the years, from some of the same people who have taken offense to our use of ‘Fattie” (That’s another post entirely & one I think we’ll all write together). Two months into our little blog I think it’s becoming clear that some ‘tough love’ is an essential part of the process in getting from Fattie to Former Fattie. Already I’ve been told I’m too ‘hardcore’ by a few readers and I’m too hardlined on some of my positions on fat loss. There’s a reason for my feelings on this subject and it comes from years of helping people lose the weight more than my own weight loss experience. Sometimes you just need someone to expect more from you than you do. Jennifer wrote an excellent post about it recently too, well worth a read!

I do understand the “I don’t want to feel bad about myself” argument in some respects. Bullying, Hazing and the levels of torment children are putting each other through are at levels I couldn’t even fathom in my childhood. One of the great projects to come out of the bullying problems is ‘It Gets Better’.  When I was a kid, school was like ‘Bio-Dome’ where your whole life happened and you couldn’t imagine or fathom the world outside or even see how it was important compared to what you’re going through at that time. Like many adults you look back and see how small that world was and what you thought mattered then, really didn’t. It gets better because you eventually realize it wasn’t as important as you thought it was.

The flip side of awareness is hyper-sensitivity. Going back to hearing an ADULT say “I don’t want to feel bad about myself”. I take issue with that. I rarely if ever see fit people making fun of unhealthy people.  I’ve given some thought to my own days of being fat. I did feel bad about myself pretty much every day. Yet I know now and knew then, the person making me feel bad about myself was me. Not fit people, not social norms, not fitness magazines or friends, co-workers or family. Just me.

The fat me lived with long hair, goatee and Metallica shirts. I was creating a wall between me and the world as best I could. Recently I was reminded about that feeling in the movie “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” (available on Netflix). In the film is an overweight truck driver, dressed like I did back in the day. A small child comes up to him and asks “Why are you so angry?” The trucker driver’s response took me back 20 years in a heartbeat.

“I’m not angry, I’m just in pain.”

What I really remember wasn’t anyone making me feel bad about killing myself day-by-day, instead it was the silence. No one said a peep to me. Maybe they didn’t want to hurt my feelings or my short-temper scared them off. When I started getting fit, I did it for me and depended on me to get there. The outside world wasn’t given a say. Oddly enough, once I lost the weight I had a lot of people tell me how worried they were about me when I was fat & self-destructive and I did get a lot of well-meaning pats on the back for turning things around. But it cost me friendships along the way, invites to parties, initially I became an outcast even within my small circle of friends. Ever since, I’ve always been appreciative of the kind words anyone has given me, yet I don’t give them too much power. At the end of the day I have to look in the mirror and see if I’m living up to who I think I can be. It’s not democratic, but I sleep really well for being that hard on me. It’s especially important now that I’m fit, for one absurd reason: I get more negativity thrown at me about my lifestyle than I ever have at any time in my life.

I get constant comments about how I eat, what’s good and bad for me “what I should do’ and I get CONSTANT unasked for diet and fitness advice. (Seriously a day I don’t have to talk about health & fitness outside of writing or training clients is a good day!) Now none of these people make me feel bad about myself, even when I get some mean-spirited stuff thrown at me (their issue, not mine). The worst part is this advice comes from people who have NO business dishing it out. And if I told you they made me feel bad about myself, you’d laugh your ass off. A big part of that is the percentage of fit ’40-somethings’ is a LOT smaller than the percentage of fit ’30-somethings’ a decade ago, I seem to stick out even more now. The BEST reward of my transformation is that I don’t really care much of people’s opinion of me. My true friends aren’t ‘yes people’ they will be both in my corner and also pull me aside when I’m not living up to who I want to be. I never sought to be accepted by anyone while I was doing this, I did it for me. My own standards come first and I work like hell to keep them pretty high. I have to look at myself in the mirror and see if I like who stares back, not just how he looks. It ain’t about abs & pecs folks.

Stephen King illustrates both sides of this argument in his book “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft”.  His first published novel ‘Carrie’ the title character came from compiling two girls he went to high-school with. One was named Dodi, her classmates nicknamed her ‘DooDoo”. Dodi wore the clothes they wore every day her family was poor. As the clothes got tattered and thinner the other girls become unrelenting; teasing became taunting, the girls didn’t just laugh at Dodi, they hated her too. Dodi was everything they were afraid of. In her sophomore year Dodi came back from Christmas vacation, dressed in new clothes. A new, cranberry dress and knee socks, a wool sweater, she even had a permanent. She was a girl transformed and you could see by her face she knew it. It didn’t mater, mere clothes changed nothing.

The teasing that day was worse than ever. Her classmates had no intention of letting her out of the box they put her in. She was punished for even trying to break free. Her smile faded, the light in her eyes dimmed and then out. By the end of the day she was the girl she was the day before Christmas vacation. She wore the new sweater and skirt the next day and the next day and the next. The new permanent wasn’t repeated and the new clothes took on a matted, dispirited look. But the teasing has dropped back to its pre-Christmas levels. Someone made a break for the fence and had to be knocked down, that was all. Once the attempt was foiled, the entire company of prisoners were accounted for so life could go back to normal.

By the time Stephen King published ‘Carrie’ Dodi had taken her own life. It was said her suicide was postpartum depression, but Mr. King suspected ‘high-school hangover’ may have had something to do with it.

What I’ve noticed is this. When we’re kids we are taunted and terrorized if we don’t live up to the social norms of our school peers. Being below this norm in any way leaves kids to open to bullying. As adults, it’s not until we poke our heads above the social norms and choose not to settle for the effortless ‘average’ that so many settle for, do we become targets to be shot at.  You need to know this. As an adult it’s not until you attempt to change for the better will people try to make you feel bad about yourself. You’re doing what they know they should be doing and many will attack you doing it in their faces.

The good news is this: If you change your life by embracing your own health, by treating yourself well and making yourself physically & mentally stronger every day, those people who attempt to make you feel bad about yourself, will lose the power to do so.


Posted February 26th, 2012.

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Tip #7 – FUCK ‘Realistic’ Goals!

“Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.” – Will Smith

That’s a strong statement from Mr. Smith and one I agree with wholeheartedly. Setting realistic goals goes hand in hand with the “Everything in moderation” statement. It’s just a dumb line that’s been mindlessly repeated without much thought to the implications. Realistic goals mean you don’t have to change much, it’s all about what you can fit in to your day, every little bit counts (unless all you do is a little bit), you don’t have to work too hard, you don’t have to be uncomfortable. The result? Sweet fuck-all happens.

When you try to make changes while staying in your comfort zone you fail!

I truly feel your utmost goal must be as UNrealistic as possible. Here’s why: Realistic goals are based in logic. Yet the things about you that truly make yourself YOU aren’t logical. It’s the things we’re passionate about. Things like dance, art, music & even sports are passions to people. There is no ‘why’ to your favorite song or piece of art; it just moves you. You can’t logically explain why it does, so you don’t try to – it’s enough just to feel that way. That combination of passion, emotional attachment and excitement is what most of us live for. That’s what really gets us out of bed every day.

So let’s go back to setting a realistic goal. Say you want to lose 5 pounds. Very realistic, but you have 50 pounds to lose. I have no idea how you or anyone else would even notice if you’ve lost 5 pounds, let alone get excited about it, yet totally logical and doable. I’s also the most common goal people fail at… the small ones. There’s no real reward for the goal, no passion or excitement and ZERO impact on your life. That’s why it usually fails or in the very least the 5 pounds comes right back and sometimes more. Without rewards a small goal can lead to a big failure over time.

I say if you have 50 pounds to lose, make 50 pounds your goal! You may have never done it before, it make no sense to even dream it but you know this is a goal that would change not only your life & lifestyle but it would change you. Once that goal is achieved the rewards are truly unlimited, some 17 years after losing 120 pounds myself, I still see how that goal continues to impact my life and my choices.

Here’s the other edge of that sword. How do you achieve an unrealistic goal? This is when you bring back the logic and planning. Now instead of making 5 pounds to lose a goal, it’s merely a step on your way to the unrealistic goal. It keeps you focused and gives you ‘wins’ along the way. I have my clients take monthly photos as progress reports, they again, see the wins even when they haven’t yet made it to the ‘after’ photo. Those ‘wins’ & progress photos make that unrealistic goal more realistic every month, your thought process changes and you go from hoping it’s working to knowing its working.

If you’ve noticed a common theme in these tips so far its this: Personal accountability is not optional, it’s essential. I beat this drum constantly because it’s the foundation to any change in your life. All my clients who failed in their goal skipped this, instead trying to rely on working out and eating better. I have people constantly telling me their goals and fitness plans, once people know what I do it’s just something people want to talk about. In those conversations I know within the first five minutes who will or won’t achieve their goals. (Closely correlated with the number of excuses I hear about why they haven’t reached their goal yet). Once you’ve become accountable to how you arrived at your starting line, you’re then empowered to make the changes to get to your finish line.

I’ve used this method many times in my life, starting with my first day or running in ’93 (Damn I’m getting old! If I weren’t so damned handsome, I’d be depressed!) I went on my first run that dark night, dressed in black (so no one would make fun of the fat guy running) I was so out of shape I got sick after one block and almost passed out right on top of it. Everything in my head told me to go home, I was too far gone. Then the ‘epiphany’ came. Run one more block tomorrow and keep doing that until you can run a marathon. The logical made it sound possible but the marathon ‘dream’ was the reason I went back out the next day. I needed the passion to execute the plan.Completely by accident, I set an unrealistic goal and a logical thought process to achieve it. It took three years but I ran the Seattle Marathon in November of ’96, 120 pounds lighter, from 297 to 180 pounds.

The rewards initially are obvious, I lost 120 pounds! But the real rewards kept appearing later on – I found purpose in my life, I learned to coach others turning the 120 pounds I lost to a far more impressive 4,000 pounds of fat lost collectively by my clients. I’ve met and become friends with so many incredible people as a result of that original goal. If I had set a ‘realistic’ goal and settled for that, none of this would have happened. So from the bottom of my heart and with love in that heart; FUCK ‘realistic’ goals! You’ll thank me later.

 “If you do the things people will never do, you’ll have the things people will never have.” – Zig Ziglar

Posted February 13th, 2012.

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Tip #6 – FUCK The ‘Cleansing Detox’!!

“Listen, here’s the thing… If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half-hour at the table, then you are the sucker.” Matt Damon (Rounders)

Of all the health trends I’ve seen over the years, the ‘cleansing detox’ may be actually be my absolute favorite trend of them all. Seriously! No other trend has been able to best manipulate EVERYTHING wrong with North America’s fading health. Instant gratification, fear-based decision-making, lack of knowledge, ‘all or nothing’ thinking, wish-fulfillment, self-destructive mindset and following a trend because its popular, one pill fixes everything mentality and picking ANYTHING but exercise – ta-da! You’re doing the cleanse.

I know full-well I’m picking (another) fight with a lot of you out there. The point of each ‘tip’ in this series is to grab your attention with an ‘F-Bombing’ headline, then provide a strong foundation of information to back it up. Therefore I get to challenge both you and I in the process. Think of it as turning F-Bombs into knowledge bombs. With that in mind, here’s a ‘Top Reasons to FUCK the ‘Cleansing Detox”

1. You begin a cleanse, because you’ve been ‘dirty’. Most everyone I’ve come across who do the cleanse, often do it before a vacation, wedding, summer or post-holiday. Basically when they’ve been eating & living shitty & they know it. There’s an old saying by Abraham Maslow; “If the only tool you have is a hammer, its tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Meaning if all you know is that you have toxins in the body, then the ONLY cure to rid yourself of all these poisons is a cleanse. Here’s my first question to you. If you’ve been accumulating all these poisons in your system over several years of poor healthy & poor diet, how on earth will taking a herb for 14 days ‘cure’ you? It feeds our ‘instant gratification’ mindset quite well, promising good ‘clean’ health in just two weeks. There’s too many ‘full of shit’ jokes running through my head right now to pick just one.

2. There’s a growing population of ‘Soap-Box Gurus” out there screaming the end of the world is coming! Yes there are indeed toxins out there, yes you need to be aware, NO you don’t go live in a bubble as a result! The cleanse for many is a fear-based choice. Fear that somehow the toxins are growing in their bodies and the industrial world is coming to get them! I agree whole-heartedly the closer we get to food in its original state and the farther we go from man-made food the better our health and our ability to fight off what ails us. There’s no better cleanse than real, natural food for 365 days a year.

I hope that bubble is recyclable and biodegradable!

3. There is no sustainability. The latest catch-phrase people keep spouting off is ‘lifestyle change’. The cleanse is no lifestyle change. It’s a Band-Aid to cover up your lifestyle up to this point. You’re going to stick to this cleanse for 14 days and ‘purify your system/soul/karma/chakra/new-age newness’. What happens on day 15? I’m dead serious. What do YOU do on day 15? If you’ve even made it to this point you most likely go right back to the lifestyle you needed to cleanse from!! Even worse you gorge yourself on that old lifestyle. Nutritionist Keith Klein calls it the ‘Theory of Food Deprivation” and it states that the longer you go without certain foods you more you’ll want it and the more of it you’ll want. This leads to an even worse state because most people’s metabolism has slowed down in those 14 days and all that food is about to be stored as fat! By the by, body fat is primarily your body’s garbage dump. Fat is excess calories tossed aside because you didn’t use them as energy.

4. Cleanses are self-destructive. The cleanse feeds into the ‘I’ve been bad and I need to punish myself for it’ mentality.  No other method of ‘getting healthy’ makes you feel so un-well doing it. The lack of calories keeps you unfocused (to the point of not being able to drive), it makes you miserable and in turn you are miserable to be around. You pick the most plain boring foods so you are no way satisfied with your food and use it to further punish yourself. This is the biggest reason traditional diets fail too. Food is used as punishment. Just because you feel like crap doesn’t mean its working. To many ‘healthy’ food is assumed to be plain food.  I use close to 50 different spices in my food over the course of a year and I would bet those spices combined have more anti-oxidant and free-radical destroying properties than ANY herbal cleanse on the market, not to mention I am constantly told by strangers how good my food smells when I’m eating my food somewhere public. Somewhere our society has associated feeling like shit as an essential part of ‘getting healthy’, I see people being lethargic, miserable, hating life & themselves and on the verge of tears trying better themselves. Is it any wonder so many fail?

5. You begin a cleanse with a body in a state of nutrient depletion. Poor diet and high-calorie/low nutrition food lead to little or no nutrient reserves in the body. Once the cleanse starts its usually associated with a very low-calorie diet and your body burns fat (which is where the toxins are stored!) as a result once the fat cells shrink the toxins are released into the blood stream and you have not nearly enough nutrient reserves in your body to ward them off. That herbal supplement isn’t going to do it. Hence, as you cleanse your body becomes MORE toxic! That’s why you feel like crap, it’s not because you’re making yourself well it’s because you’re making yourself sick!

6. It IS a diet!!!!! I have this fight with everyone I know who has done a cleanse. Everyone tried to tell me it’s not a diet- it’s about health. Then why do I throw up a little bit every time I hear somebody tell me that. I hate to break it to you but a cleanse is a low-calorie plan used to provoke the release of ‘toxins’ in the body (stored primarily in your body’s fat cells), taken with an herbal ‘cleansing product’ that is usually nothing more than a laxative! I hate to break it to you but when you’re severely restricting calories & taking laxatives (organic or not) you’re on a fucking diet! If you want to argue this point with me some more, please submit the comprehensive metabolic profile you must have had your doctor take before you started the cleanse and redo again afterwards to measure your body’s ability to cleanse yourself of these toxins. In the very least you would have known which toxins you needed to cleanse yourself of. How else would you have known your cleanse even worked otherwise?

7. Very few fit people do the cleanse. I’ve been a fitness & fat-loss coach for 15 years and I can tell you, amongst the fitness community, we shake our collective heads at the cleanse*. You know why? Because by going on the cleanse shows what cards you’re holding right away. You’re accepting you’re living a lifestyle that needs to be cleansed from. I don’t do the cleanse because I live a lifestyle I don’t need to cleanse from! I eat healthy, real, TASTY food and I exercise regularly. It’s a radical concept, no wonder its such a hard sell.

*There are the exception to this rule: The fitness expert that SELLS the cleanse.

I’m not going to start bashing on celebrity trainers.  BUT it should be shown for the record, the trainers on ‘The Biggest Loser’ are NOT in charge of the contestants’ diets.   Cheryl Forsberg is. Please be savvy enough to know that the ‘healthy’ products (like Subway sandwiches, etc..) are not used in conjucture with the Biggest Loser contestats while theyre on the ranch.  Reality TV is big business and huge sums of money are offered to help sell products. Jillian Michaels is being sued for millions of dollars because she endorsed a dangerous cleansing product. (Read for yourself). It’s a sad reality that the business of the obesity epidemic depends on people failing. Does a company make more money when you try and fail ten diets or succeed at one? Even more sad is that the food companies, exercise gadget creators and celebrity endorsements work together on this front. It reminds me of another quote from the movie ‘Rounders’.

“We’re not playing together, but then again, we’re not playing against each other either. It’s like the nature channel; you don’t see piranhas eating each other do you?”   Matt Damon (Rounders)

Lifestlye change is best defined this way: ” You’ve succeeded at a lifestyle change once you’ve reached a point where you never want to change back to your old ways.” – me.

If you need me to be a little more blunt try this on for size…

Stop trying to ‘flush’ yourself, you’re not a toilet! Caveat Emptor.



Posted February 3rd, 2012.

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Pink Dumbbell Paralysis

Tip #6 is coming… its BIG one! (A Top 10 within a Top 10) so I’m giving myself another week before I start the riot it will surely start! Until then, chew on this one.

See this? It’s a dumbbell. It contains no magical powers whatsoever. It has no interest in your character or abilities. Its job is to be 25 lbs, that’s it. Truly a one-trick pony.

Too many people walk into the gym and see it as a haven to build strength. Physical strength. Moral fiber. Self-worth. Dignity and honor. Most fail in the pursuit. Why? They seek it from a fucking dumbbell. Which one of you is really the dumbbell?

Sure you’ve lifted it every which way you know. You get together more often than you meet your sister for that weekly coffee. Chest presses, back rows, bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses. Over your head, between your legs, a few dance steps in an evening class… You’re tired, and you’ve worked hard together. Every time you’re spent, left nothing to spare. You and that 25-pound dumbbell have gone to war together.

Yet, you’re still you. Life keeps on going as it has and the gym is slowly becoming a haven from dealing with all the other shit you’ve let build up in your life. You’ve created the illusion of diligence and sacrifice, you and that dumbbell have. What was supposed to be the key to building up that strength within to change your life one step at a time has failed. You’ve seen no difference in the rest of your life and you can’t figure out why. It fell into the daily routine instead of a respite from it. That fear of leaving your comfort zone is still there, the unknown still frightens you.

You’ll be back tomorrow. Hoping that sticking with it is all you need to do and time will give you the vision to figure it all out. Maybe you’ll even finally see some physical changes in your body. Besides, as hard as you’ve worked the last few weeks, it’s at least bound to start changing how you look right? Tomorrow will be different, you swear.  Until tomorrow comes.

You look at that 25-pound dumbbell again and hope today is the day it will change you. Today is the day it will enlighten you. Today is the day it will take you out of your comfort zone and give you the faith to roam even further. Today is the day you won’t take no for an answer.

Sorry my friend, its not gonna happen. That old 25-pound dumbbell has told you all you need to know about it, you know each other too well. You even finish each other’s sentences.

The 30-pound dumbbell beside it, the one you’ve never lifted before? That’s a different story completely. It has secrets to tell. I dare you to pick it up and listen.


Posted January 29th, 2012.

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Tip #5 – Don’t Trust Your Feelings!

“I’ve been listening to my gut since I was 14 years old, and frankly speaking, I’ve come to the conclusion that my guts have shit for brains.” – John Cusack (High Fidelity)

Over the last few weeks since we began our blog the most frequent comment I’ve heard on my posts is this – “He’s pretty hardcore!” (Maybe its adding FUCK! to all the title posts?) To the average person or the person who has only seen the ‘fattie’ side of the Former Fattie Coin, yes I probably am. There’s one reason for that, and I know its unpopular and I also know it to be an undisputable truth. I’ve kept my fat off, and steadily improved my health and physique into my forties. More importantly I’ve helped hundreds others do the same (most of them women). It is based on those 15 years of experience and practice I know this to be true.

You cannot ‘Wing it!’

I also know this pisses a lot of people off because that’s exactly what they’re currently doing and none of us like to hear we’re doing something wrong (‘It makes me feel bad about myself.’ Really? Grow up.)

Over the last 15 years I’ve had a lot of people tell me what they’re currently doing (often without me asking; this mostly happens because we all like to hear we’re doing the right thing, especially when we’re unsure ourselves). This is the ‘common story’ I hear: “I get to the gym whenever I can, I eat pretty healthy, I’m pretty active, I feel I’m doing pretty good.” These statement are usually followed by a range of questions about what I do, then once their eyes glaze over they begin asking how they can look like their favorite celebrity.

I’m all about revealing whats behind the magic curtain, if you want that body you’ve always known is hiding under your current body, you need to know all the facts to get to it. Those rose-coloured glasses must come off! A lot of people do food logs to keep track, but after a while, like workout journals, they become a mountain of numbers with no meaning, you tend to count trees and lose the forest. Here’s the first and dare I say, the easiest step to see how healthy and fit you really are. All you need is your iPhone or digital camera.

Your going to turn your food log into photos. Every time you eat something, take a picture of it first. This includes what you buy at Starbucks – including your drink if it contains calories, the chips you mindlessly nibble on in front of the tv at night, the food you eat in the car on the way to work… Just take a picture of everything for a week (don’t look at these pictures until the end of the week.) You’re going to learn two HUGE lessons that may change your body permanently (with no math to do!).

1. At the end of the week, you will see patterns in your eating. You may snack more often that you think. You may have the same lunch every single day and that boredom leads to an unhealthy meal the following meal. You’ll see whats behind the curtain in you! Once we understand our habits, we understand ourselves and what needs to change.

2. Your nutrition will automatically get dialed in to healthier choices. Believe me it won’t long before you come to that fork in the road. “Oh God, if I want to eat that I have to take a picture of it first! I don’t want to see that picture later.” Not wanting to take pictures of unhealthy food will lead to better choices immediately!

Here’s what’s sad though. This experiment takes a few seconds a day, but few will do it. Because its the opposite of ‘wingin’ it’, instead you have to be accountable to yourself and not go by whatever feeling you fool yourself into believing. I saw this picture on Team Gorilla today and I hope this ‘before & after’ photo makes this tip all the more clear.

That’s what losing just 20 pounds looks like. According to the dates in the pictures it took 5.5 months (22 weeks). You may be thinking “That’s fast!”,  you may also be thinking “I could look like that by June of this year!”

Here’s what I see, based on my own experiences training hundreds of women. (I have no idea who this woman is, seeing this photo just this morning). That is a woman who became accountable. She took that ‘before’ picture and hated every second of it. She made a plan and made NO excuse more powerful than her plan. She had bad days and good days in those 22 weeks – The plan was more important than her feelings – she went to the gym on days she didn’t feel like it, she ate only what helped her get closer to her goal (there was no ‘bad/good/healthy/not too bad’ food) no matter what time of the month it was or what she was going through emotionally. She was accountable the second that January photo was taken.

Let’s go back to the iPhone idea.  She took an unappealing photo of herself and went about working her plan. I’m so sure one week will make a difference you can do this too – take a self-portrait in front of a mirror at the beginning of the week and again at the end and compare the two. That’s the difference a week can make. It may shock you.

If you’re thinking “He’s pretty hardcore!” again, then yes I am, so was the woman in that picture. The real problem is you’re not willing to be  even a little hardcore. All I asked you to do was take a picture of everything you ate for one week- investing a few seconds a day. You may have blown off the idea. If you won’t even take photos of the food you’re eating over a week, you’re finished before you begin. Yes you could look like that woman six months from now, but not if you’re doing what you’re doing now. Become accountable to yourself and stop ‘wingin’ it’. I can’t help you if you won’t help you.


Posted January 20th, 2012.

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