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Say What? Rationalizations to Keep Away From Exercising.


Someone said the most ridiculous thing to me the other day. While expounding the virtues of her infrared healing mat, she said that if she lays down on it while the setting is on high, she get an aerobic workout.

“Um, pardon me?” I said, snapping back into a semblance of attention after drifting.

“Really! Your heart rate goes up and is elevated the whole time, and you sweat. It’s an aerobic workout!”

Shaking my head because I can barely believe this conversation is happening, I say, “and what about load on your muscles? What about moving your body?”

“Oh yes,” she flicks away the idea like a pesky fly. “I guess you still have to do some weight bearing exercise.”

I was left dumbfounded, but later realized that this was just an example of an extreme type of rationalization. The “I don’t have to exercise because if I lay on a hot mat for an hour it’s the same as exercise” one is new to me, but is all part of the same category of “I lie to myself so I don’t have to ever be honest about what it takes to get/stay fit.”

I’m choosing to be honest. When I’m not exercising, I’m not exercising.  There can’t be any deception or I’ll never get off my ass and move my body.  The rationalizations just make it so I get so far from fit that the struggle home to fitness is so overwhelmingly huge that it almost feels not worth it. Stay real. It will shake you out of your mind games faster and get you moving.

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