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The First Thing I Asked the Doctor


Eagerly anticipating the Warrior Dash in August, my husband and I did some hill repeats and pull ups last week. Actually, he did pull ups and I kind of just hung there with a grunty look on my face, but I digress. I looked forward to a good bike ride on Friday afternoon (to the beach!) and home again in the evening, then getting into a good workout groove with Chris. I even had some strength workouts up my sleeve for the two of us.

Unfortunately, the bike ride ended with a bike crash; that is, I got up close and personal with the pavement. I’ll eventually be able to do more than yelp when moving my right shoulder, and the nasty road rash on my arm and leg will heal too. Thankfully, no bones are broken and I’m still in love with my bike. That said, one of the first questions I asked the emergency doctor was, “Will I be able to do the Warrior Dash in a month?” So there I was, a middle aged woman who had just wiped out on her bike (going a tad fast) and was admitted into hospital to get checked out for bone breaks, and all I seemed to care about was a bloody (well, muddy) race in a month. Damn straight!

Now, let’s get that wing moving and the bike fixed. I won’t be fast in the Warrior Dash, but Gimpy Michelle will be there with a smile on her face!

Posted in Michelle by Michelle on July 9th, 2012 at 9:14 pm.

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