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You Can’t Fake a Half


I can’t cram for a Half Marathon. While I could pull off running a (slow) 10k right now, there is no way in hell I can wing a Half. My training since December has been erratic at best, and with only about nine weeks before the June race date I know I’m not conditioned enough to run 21.2k. No amount of denial or positive thinking will change that. I’d very likely end up injured if I tried.

Today I faced the music and stopped deluding myself; I didn’t do the work so have to commit to walking most of it. (Ha! I bet you thought I’d say not do it at all. Nope – a ‘did not run’ is only allowed when doctors are involved!) Looking at my race time will be tough though – I’m a perfectionist and pretty hard on myself, and this feels like failure. Another fucking life lesson. That doesn’t get me off the hook either. Not only do I still need to train, I have a Warrior Dash this summer that I don’t want to fuck up!

“Okay” (she says with a deep sigh), “where are my runners?”


Posted in Michelle by Michelle on April 23rd, 2012 at 10:10 pm.


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2 Replies

  1. Penny P. Apr 23rd 2012

    Ya know, I think *you* might be able to fake it. I’m not saying go out there and injure yourself, I’m saying you may not have to walk as much as you think you do. Take it from a runner that knows, your body remembers more than you give it credit for.

  2. Michelle Apr 23rd 2012

    Thanks for your vote of confidence Penny. It will be what it will be.