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Gummy Bears and Other Odd Shit


Someone gave me a half-dozen gummy bears today and nom-nom-nom. Yup, I ate them up faster than you can say, “Hey, are you sure you want to eat those?”  And as I was happily munching the last one I realized that they actually don’t taste very good. In fact, the flavour is kind of weird and their texture gross. It made me wonder just how often I eat things:

  • I think I like, yet haven’t really paid enough attention to know if I do or don’t; or
  • I used to like and don’t any longer but haven’t paid attention; or even
  • I like only because other people have said they were good but haven’t really paid any attention so I don’t really know if I enjoy them all that much.

Ah, so there’s a theme here: paying attention to what I eat and actually tasting it. What a novel idea.


Posted in Michelle by Michelle on April 3rd, 2012 at 7:32 pm.

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