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The “Cupcake Cure!”

The hardest & longest battle in transforming your body is between your long-term goal & instant gratification.
If you’re not happy with the current state of your health, instant gratification is winning. We’re addicted to instant gratification, most everything in our lives and the trends of technology are racing to better serve this need.

“Instant gratification takes too long” – Carrie Fisher. Sadly, a lot of people agree with that statement. Worse, they make life choices based on that statement.
Recently a new client reminded me of an excellent way to stop the self-sabatoging behaviour and stop feeding the voracious instant gratification monkey on her back. Its the reality check, wake-up call & slap in the face all in one.
The ‘before’ photo.
When my clients take that before photo in a two-piece bathing suit its a shock to the system. What you see in that photo is NOT what you see in the mirror. Its unfiltered, bluntly honest and unforgiving. This is the negative experience that drives people to change. The key is not forgetting it.
My client had a weakness for Starbucks pastries & sweets. Her solution? She keeps her ‘before’ photo in her wallet. Before she gives in to the immediate need for something sweet, she looks at the photo, gets the negative impact from it and chooses her long-term goal instead. Simple and effective, every time. This would be even easier by keeping the picture in your iPhone or Blackberry!

Another client of mine had a similar weakness for cupcakes. She took the photo & put it in her purse. On a weak day she walked into a bakery and while in line tried to fight the urge. She pulled out the photo and looked at her ‘before’ photo, then looked at the cupcakes. She made a startling discovery. Both her body in the photo and the cupcake were the same shape! She told me when she realized she was turning herself into a giant cupcake she decided this time the change was going to be for real. I’m a firm believer that negative experiences shape our decisions and choices far more than motivation and inspiration ever could. This is what just THREE MONTHS of carrying your ‘before’ photo with you can do!
One more thing my clients have learned over the years? Instant gratification goes straight to your thighs.

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