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This is a weird blog entry, it was hard to write.

I had an interesting conversation with a guy a while back. He didn’t know that I had ever been overweight. He randomly started talking about how he’d never date a fat chick, that some other poor fucker could deal with those, and they can have a bunch of ugly kids. He’d rather stick with the hot chicks like me.

The rest of the brief conversation did not go well. For him.

It did bring up an issue I’ve thought a lot about though.  When I was 220, I always hoped that someone would see me and like me for who I was inside, and also who I was on the outside.  The thing is though, that now that I’m normal weight, I can’t usually date overweight men.  It’s not necessarily because I find all of them physically unattractive either.  It’s that, odds have it, if a man is fairly overweight he has a different lifestyle than I do, and probably a different outlook on health and life.

Realistically, I can’t date someone who would be sitting across from me every night eating pizza or McDonalds.  I can’t.  I can’t have that stuff in my house.  And I can’t date someone who sits on the couch all the time, because I don’t do that anymore myself.  If a guy is really overweight and out of shape, he can’t do a lot of the things I like to do, and that’s not good for any relationship. I need someone who thinks and likes similar things to me.

Looking back to when I was big, I wouldn’t expect an in-shape guy to have dated me.  I wouldn’t have if I were them.  Not because I wasn’t worthy of love, or because I was ugly, but because realistically we would probably have been different people with different lifestyles, and that’s a hard thing for a couple to pull off.

So, after hearing dickhead go on about his dislike of the fat chicks, I told him I used to weigh 220, and that I was one of the women he’d never date.  There was an awkward pause, followed by “ummmm you’re kidding”. I then told him I’d never date him. Because while he doesn’t date ‘fat chicks’, which I can understand and respect if that’s a body type he’s not physically attracted to, I don’t date douchebags that make fun of and denigrate other people because of their appearance. And that ironically his attitude combined with his lifestyle, which includes never exercising, smoking, and eating huge piles of junk that only his 30 year old metabolism is saving him from (for now), makes him someone I would never remotely consider going out with.

Frankly I’d go out with a slightly overweight guy who is trying to get it together way before a normal-weight dink like this tool. Yuck.

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