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I was thinking about goals and rewards today, and what the very beginning of the life change process was like for me.

When starting out, I had a general weight goal, kind of aiming for around 150. (I’ve never hit 150, more on that later)  What I did have firmly in mind though, was my reward, courtesy of my friends Joanne and Ross. Shortly after starting my weight loss, around Christmas 2008, we were all together at a party (I was drinking water and eating veggie lasagna a la Kate omnomnom).  Ross and Joanne said they wanted to go to a music festival in California called Coachella, in late April. I thought that would be approximately when I hit goal, so I decided that that would be my reward.

So I bought a weekend pass for around $250 and a return plane ticket.

Had I reached goal yet? Hell no, I was around 195 pounds at that point. But I’ll tell ya, a rock show in the desert where I’d have to wear minimal clothing, that I had just shelled out a lot of money to attend, was a reinforcing motivator in addition to being an awesome celebration of success.

That should tell you about my mindset going into the lifestyle change. I didn’t set that goal/celebration/reward as a way to force myself to stay compliant.  It just never occurred to me for a second between Hallowe’en and late April that I would not succeed. Not for an instant. I set Coachella as an end date; I set a general weight goal for that point, set weight milestones to hit, and focused on losing 1.5 to 2 pounds a week.

And that’s what I did.

In April 2009 I was 35 pounds lighter, wearing a tie-up top and size 10 regular size shorts with awesome arms, looking better than I possibly ever had before, singing and crying with my best friends while  Leonard Cohen sang ‘Hallelujah’ in the California desert at sunset.  Best. Day. Ever.

For me, a weight goal wasn’t my aim. No one I know ever stopped exactly at a specific weight and had that be the ‘right’ one. People have gone farther because they did better than they thought they could. I stopped before the loose goal weight because it turned out my healthy fitness weight was higher than that after I had muscle on board. I didn’t make a number my goal, and I didn’t make my trip my goal either.

My goal was a feeling.  Feeling like I was fit. Feeling like I was attractive. Feeling confident. Feeling like I was in control of my life in every way. I have lost more weight since then, but I still feel that April 2009 at Coachella was truly when I reached my goal. When I see pictures of me at Coachella, I see me happy with myself for the first time.

This is me at goal.

Posted in Jenn by Jenn on February 23rd, 2012 at 7:29 pm.

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  1. Jen – I am so proud of you! Awesome….