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Pink Dumbbell Paralysis

Tip #6 is coming… its BIG one! (A Top 10 within a Top 10) so I’m giving myself another week before I start the riot it will surely start! Until then, chew on this one.

See this? It’s a dumbbell. It contains no magical powers whatsoever. It has no interest in your character or abilities. Its job is to be 25 lbs, that’s it. Truly a one-trick pony.

Too many people walk into the gym and see it as a haven to build strength. Physical strength. Moral fiber. Self-worth. Dignity and honor. Most fail in the pursuit. Why? They seek it from a fucking dumbbell. Which one of you is really the dumbbell?

Sure you’ve lifted it every which way you know. You get together more often than you meet your sister for that weekly coffee. Chest presses, back rows, bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses. Over your head, between your legs, a few dance steps in an evening class… You’re tired, and you’ve worked hard together. Every time you’re spent, left nothing to spare. You and that 25-pound dumbbell have gone to war together.

Yet, you’re still you. Life keeps on going as it has and the gym is slowly becoming a haven from dealing with all the other shit you’ve let build up in your life. You’ve created the illusion of diligence and sacrifice, you and that dumbbell have. What was supposed to be the key to building up that strength within to change your life one step at a time has failed. You’ve seen no difference in the rest of your life and you can’t figure out why. It fell into the daily routine instead of a respite from it. That fear of leaving your comfort zone is still there, the unknown still frightens you.

You’ll be back tomorrow. Hoping that sticking with it is all you need to do and time will give you the vision to figure it all out. Maybe you’ll even finally see some physical changes in your body. Besides, as hard as you’ve worked the last few weeks, it’s at least bound to start changing how you look right? Tomorrow will be different, you swear.  Until tomorrow comes.

You look at that 25-pound dumbbell again and hope today is the day it will change you. Today is the day it will enlighten you. Today is the day it will take you out of your comfort zone and give you the faith to roam even further. Today is the day you won’t take no for an answer.

Sorry my friend, its not gonna happen. That old 25-pound dumbbell has told you all you need to know about it, you know each other too well. You even finish each other’s sentences.

The 30-pound dumbbell beside it, the one you’ve never lifted before? That’s a different story completely. It has secrets to tell. I dare you to pick it up and listen.


Posted in Warren by Warren on January 29th, 2012 at 8:54 pm.

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