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Tip #2 – FUCK Inspiration!

When people ask me about getting started, they always ask, ‘What motivated you? What was the inspiration to begin?” I don’t believe in inspiration, motivation or some grand epiphany to begin whats important to you. Epiphanies are an illusion and you’ve likely been waiting too long for yours to show up.  I can honestly say in the beginning there really wasn’t any. One day I just came home from work and tried to go out for a run. Here’s what happened.

To be honest, I had no false hope of losing all that fat. I had never heard of anyone doing losing one hundred pounds before. Remember this was before reality shows, “Body-for-Life” , ‘The Biggest Loser” and even the Internet. I waited until dark, put on my dark shorts and an old hockey jersey then I went down my stairs, headed outside and turned for the back roads so no one could watch the fat guy trying to get back in shape. It lasted one block. My heart raced, my blood turned acidic and in less than 30 seconds my body was rejecting whatever I had eaten before I went out the door. I was locked into the hunched over position I was in, forced to look at my puke and spit on the ground before me. I knew it at that moment; I had let myself go too far. Everything in my head told me to go back on that couch with the potato chips hidden underneath and give up. Fortunately, my body was in no condition to move yet. I was now forced to take stock of what I had done to myself, no choice anymore. Something happened in those five minutes that changed everything. I thought up every excuse to quit, believing every one of them. Something in my head said “Go one more block tomorrow, and do the same every day, until you can run a marathon”. I’m not a religious man whatsoever & I don’t believe it was the voice of God. I also know it wasn’t my voice either. Over the years I’ve come to realize it was the first time I heard the voice of man I wanted to be actually speak on my behalf. I did go out and run two blocks the next day, and yeah it hurt even more.

I know what you’re thinking; “But you DID have an epiphany right there! When that voice spoke to you!!!” Its true, it was a significant moment in my life and I did indeed run that marathon 120 pounds lighter than I was that first day. here’s the part you may have skimmed over. I went for that run BEFORE I had the ‘grand epiphany’. Like I said last week about earning your moderation back, I believe the motivation/inspiration/epiphany/insight will not reveal itself until you begin without it.

We see inspiring quotes on Facebook every day, inspiring YouTube videos, motivational movies, people get inspired by ‘The Biggest Loser’ on a week basis! We are overwhelmed with inspiration every day! Inspiration is emotional Chinese food. We’ve overcome and fulfilled in the moment, but hungry for more 30 minutes later.

You may argue this (I’m used to it) yet only you can give inspiration substance. The hard question is this; What did these moments inpire you to do? If you sit weeping at the Biggest Loser every week instead of getting off your own ass (Seriously you would rather watch people being weighed on tv instead of burning your own fat, really???) If these inspiring moments did not wake you into action, then you’re not really inspired are you?

Stop waiting for some great insight some single quote or video that will give you that final piece of the puzzle to change your life. Motivation is not coming for you. Its waiting for you.

“First you jump off the cliff and you build your wings on the way down.” – Ray Bradbury

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