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Tip #1 – FUCK Moderation!

This is the first in the series Top-10 Politically Incorrect Fitness Truths“.

“I never truckled; I never took off my hat to fashion and held it out for pennies. By god, I told them the truth.”  – Frank Norris; Author of The Octopus (1901).

Tip # 1: Fuck Moderation!

These days the health, diet & fitness fields have all the substance of the fashion industry. The same trends, celebrity endorsements and television talking-airheads over-saturate, then obscure the truth of what we really want from ourselves and our lives. As a result all “Common Knowledge” gets diced into quick, easy and meaningless sound bites. My least favorite?

“Everything in moderation.”

If you have a goal, if you have a dream of yourself and what you want from your life, the slowest yet most effective way to kill that vision is with moderation.

Moderation isn’t uncomfortable. That’s why it fails.

We focus on fat loss on our blog, but whether your goal is fat loss, financial fitness, career change or other significant life-changing decisions, the truth is this: You need to make big changes in yourself if you want to see big changes in your life!

Moderation is medium, mediocre, mundane & mellow. Its also useless, unless you want lukewarm results. ‘Everything in moderation’ as advice is horrible for one simple reason. Its not user-friendly: you can’t make a plan around it. It implies a ‘wing-it’ approach, ‘do what you feel, when you feel’.

Here’s why moderation as common-knowledge is so popular. Its based in logic. Its up there with ‘setting ‘realistic goals’ (yes, ‘FUCK Realistic Goals’ will be on the Top-10 list). Goals and dreams do not become reality without an emotional attachment assigned to them. Our emotions trump logic every time. Here’s some examples.

LOGIC: You’ll live longer if you exercise more. You’ll reduce your risk of heart attack if you eat better.

EMOTIONAL: ‘This is not who I thought I was going to be when I grew up.” “I hate feeling this way about myself everyday.” ” I hate that I feel things shaking on the dance floor that shouldn’t. I used to love to dance, now I only think about people looking at me.” “I’m tired of being alone.”

Yes the logical reasons are indeed true and valid, but in my 15 year history of working with people whose goal was to lose fat and change their lives; it was the emotional reasons that was the fire that set them free.  Large goals need passion to get you through them. The original definition of passion is ‘to suffer’. Large goals, significant changes require suffering, even if the only suffering is letting go of the bad habits that contributed to your pain in the first place. Doing so by moderation takes so long the goal becomes overwhelming or worse, lost and forgotten.

Having said that, moderation isn’t to be abandoned completely; instead I say this.

Suspend Moderation During Transformation.

While working towards a goal engage in it completely. Give it all your focus and commitment. Then once you’ve completed the goal, re-introduce moderation back into your life. Trust me, it will be a different moderation than you’re practicing right now. Instead of using moderation to help achieve a goal, use the goal to earn your moderation back.



Next Week: Tip#2 “The Illusions of Epiphanies.”

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