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Here We Go …

Why does this blog exist?

There`s an abundance of weight-loss advice, gadget and programs out there. You`ll find a personal trainer as easily as you can find a Starbucks. Never in recent history have we had easier access to all the tools and assistance we require to live a fit and active lifestyle than we have today.

One big reason the Five Former Fatties exist: Despite all the resources, as a culture we`re the fattest we`ve ever been and we’re getting worse .

Think I`m kidding? Here`s the numbers according to a recent UCLA study –

500 people go on a diet.

Of those 500, only 20 will succeed in losing the weight (20 or more pounds).

Of those 20, ONE will have kept it off after 3 years.

The other 19 are FATTER than when they began three years earlier!

It’s a scary thought. Billions of dollars are being spent by you the consumer every year, and you have a 99.8% failure rate.

This blog exists because we`re a group of those ‘Ones’. The Five Former Fatties who kept it off.

We have something to say, we are the oh so few who have done what you want to do. We`re going to tell the truth about fat loss, whether you like it or not. Trust me, there will be times you don`t.

Lets test that theory right now.

In the film ‘Dumb and Dumber’ when Lloyd (Jim Carrey) asks Mary (Lauren Holly) what the chance would be of a guy like him getting with a girl like her. She responds, “One in a million,” and in typical Lloyd Christmas fashion says, “So you’re saying there’s a chance?”

Your chance of losing the weight you want to lose is 1 in 500. Scary thought isn`t it? You may even feel like there`s no point in getting started, how can you beat those odds? The hurdle is already too high.

I`ll tell you how you do it. By realizing its not a lottery. It’s a choice. You simply decide to be that 1 in 500. You don`t stop until you get what you came for. Do what the other 499 people wouldn’t. Its not chance, it’s a choice!

Make your choice.



Next week: The first of my ‘Top 10 Politically Incorrect Fat-Loss Tips’

Tip #1: F!*k Moderation!


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